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Safety for all, all for safety

We go for nothing less than the collective mindset: safety above all else! Based on your work, we provide the most ideal form of safety supervision.

It starts with safety

Safety first! Every assignment starts with safety at the base. From expertise to materials, we take care of your organization from A-Z.

Then just an analysis anyway?

Based on reports from our safety gurus, we provide ready analysis and advice to take your organization to a higher level of safety.

Or do you go digital?

Our innovative solutions and digital experts pave your way to a new generation of security surveillance

Choose a security story with punch.

The security assurance of the 21st century. Just one click away!

You choose TSA Safety Services!

About us

We specialize in providing qualified safety officers for high-risk work. With nearly 30 years of experience, more than 200 passionate employees and national coverage, we are working toward a future in which knowledge, reliability, quality and innovation are central.